Acoustics – How to Make Your Home Theater Sound Better

When you think of all of the components required to design a functional home theater, chances are you probably have not considered the accessories needed to improve the acoustics of the room. Even if you purchase the most technologically advanced audio and video equipment, you will not have quality sound unless you have the proper acoustical equipment installed.

In recent years, home theaters have become much more commonplace than in the past. The popularity of home theaters and media rooms may be due to the affordability of electronics, like HDTVs and surround sound. The rise in movie prices may also be a factor in more people creating their own entertainment room at home. No matter what your reasons for installing a home theater, you will want to be sure that the room is designed and equipped with the proper accessories for the best sound quality possible.

Most people do not think about acoustics until they actually sit down to watch a movie. It is at that time that they may notice echoes or vibrations. Soundproofing your room as well as the strategic placement of sound absorption materials will improve acoustics and make your viewing experience more enjoyable and authentic.

Sound can bounce off of your walls, floor, ceiling and furnishings. When this happens, it can become distorted and hard to hear. When designing a home theater, it is essential that you have sound absorption features to improve the quality of sound in the room and eliminate echoes. Sound absorbers are light and porous. They are available in decorative designs and colors that will compliment the furnishings and décor of your room. Acoustic panels are durable and easy to install.

Another issue with home theater sound is soundproofing. You will not only want to reduce the amount of sound leaving your room, but also the amount noise coming in. Home theater soundproofing products are designed to trap the sound so that you do not bother the rest of the house each time you turn on a movie or watch the big game. Secondly, you will not be disturbed by noise from Melamine Foam other parts of the house while enjoying your show. Noise reduction products insulate your space so that sound will not enter or exit the room. This will improve the acoustics of the room, improving the sound quality of your home theater.



A qualified installation expert will design your room for maximum listening quality. He knows where to place equipment for the best sound quality and how to manipulate the layout of the room so you enjoy the best possible acoustics. For example, you will not want to install your entertainment system in a corner. This is a bad placement because the sound is blasting toward the side walls. As a result, the sound is harder to absorb.

Materials like carpeting, drapes, couches and upholstery absorb sound while hard surface tend to make the sound seem harsh. This is why you see these features in most theaters that you visit. Natural materials like cotton and wool do a better job at sound absorption than synthetic materials.

Experienced installers know how important acoustics are for the enjoyment of your media room or home theater. This is why it is so important that you find an expert in your area to assist you with your room design so you have the best equipment and optimal sound for a true theater experience in the comfort of your home.